Research Paper Series

「Research Paper Series」について

Research Paper Series (Graduate School of Management , Tokyo Metropolitan University)


The Graduate School of Management, Tokyo Metropolitan University, issues the Research Paper Series for the purpose of publishing the preliminary studies of the faculty staff. Comments to the authors are welcome.


No. Author Title Date
42 Keiichi Tanaka, Takeshi Yamada and Toshiaki Watanabe
Applications of Gram-Charlier Expansion and Bond Moments for Pricing of Interest Rates and Credit RiskPDF 2007/12 Rev. 08/12
41 Midori Wakamori
(若森 みどり)
Karl Polanyi’s Social Philosophy
His Research Project from The Great Transformation to The Livelihood of ManPDF
40 山崎 志郎 物資動員計画と経済総動員体制の成立 2007/10 pdf版2008/7
39 Takashi Shibata and Michi Nishihara
Investment timing under nationalization and privatizationPDF 2007/10
38 山崎 志郎 需給調整懇談会の投資調整
37 長瀬 勝彦 規範的意思決定論の特徴と限界 2007/10
36 長瀬 勝彦 「成功要因」の神話と現実 2007/10
35 Masaaki Kijima,Teruyoshi Suzuki and Keiichi Tanaka
A Latent Process Model for the Pricing of Corporate SecuritiesPDF 2007/10
34 マルク・シュペーラー、ヨッヘン・シュトレープ著
33 Hideki Mizukami and Takuma Wakayama
The Relation Between Non-Bossiness and MonotonicityPDF 2007/7
32 Takashi Shibata and
Michi Nishihara
Agency Problem with Auditing in a Real Options ModelPDF 2007/5
31 Toyotaka Sakai and Takuma Wakayama
Uniform, Equal Division, and Other Envy-free Rules Between the TwoPDF 2007/4
30 Takashi Shibata
Investment Timing, Asymmetric Information, and Audit Structure: A Real Options Framework 2007/4
29 Kiyoshi Miyashita
Japan's Public Qualification for White-Collar Workers Change Management Education Management Education and HRM after the Business Career SystemPDF 2007/4
28 水越 康介 マーケティングにおけるデザインの射程 デザインのロバストネス 2007/4
27 Hideki Mizukami and Takuma Wakayama
Full-Truthful Implementation in Nash EquilibriaPDF 2007/3
26 水越 康介 ケータイ中心のネット・コミュニティ
25 桑田 耕太郎、松嶋 登、水越 康介 東京都健康局・病院経営本部 重要課題研修「経営研修」(研究コース) 平成17年度研究報告 2007/3
24 松嶋 登 東京都健康局・病院経営本部 重要課題研修「経営研修」(研究コース) 平成16年度研究報告(増補拡大版) 2007/3
23 Masayoshi Noguchi and Edwards, John Richard
Explaining and addressing the 'detachment of office bearers from their constitutents'
A study of leadership election arrangements within a professional accounting body