Finance Program

The Finance (MF) program is designed to train fund managers, quantitative analysts, risk managers, traders,
financial product developers, financial policymakers, financial analysts, financial consultants, financial managers and other financial professionals who can work effectively at the global financial centers.

In addition to a core curriculum including investment management, derivatives, financial risk and corporate finance, MF program has the curriculum carefully designed to achieve an effective balance among the related subjects including mathematics, numerical analysis, statistics, data science, economics, strategic financial management and managerial strategy in order for students to acquire many knowledge and skills on finance and corporate management systematically.
In addition to these subjects, we require financial seminar, financial case study and writing down a master’s thesis for completing the course.
Our system has two semesters per academic year.
It is conducted by lecturers with expertise on the theory of relevant fields and abundant practical experience,
by offering in-depth guidance to students of 10 or fewer.
Also, by researchers invited from abroad, it is possible to gain rich learning experiences through classes taught in English.

MF program classes are held on weekday evenings and on Saturdays at TMU’s Marunouchi Satellite Campus.