Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration offers two programs: the Economics Program and the Business Administration Program. The subjects covered include macroeconomics, microeconomics, economic history, organizational behavior, human resources, strategic management, decision theory, marketing, management science, accounting and financial engineering. Lectures in these areas provide a foundation of integrative and broad-based knowledge and a solid understanding of critical concepts.


Small group learning, with supervision by a professor, is another option to develop student skills for understanding, analyzing, presenting and communicating effectively. Such opportunities are provided during the second, third and fourth years. In the fourth year, students will also have the opportunity to write a thesis. Following graduation, students can expect to pursue careers in the public or private sectors or continue on to graduate school.

Economics Program

The Economics Program has three key features. It provides (1) a systematic study of economic theory; (2) an understanding of the historical development of economic activities; and (3) verification of the various economic theories using empirical data. The aim of this course of study is to equip students with the capability to determine whether the present economic system is truly efficient and to offer the means and motivation to seek and realize a more affluent society.

Business Administration Program

In the Business Administration Program, students will acquire a broad understanding of business administration and economics through classes and seminars designed to enrich their knowledge of business firms. The goal of the program is to nurture outstanding student talent and to produce future business leaders and highly-qualified researchers in the field of business administration and economics.