Graduate School of Management

As the capital of Japan, Tokyo is home to a huge concentration of important business enterprises of all types and sizes that underpin Japan’s economy. The city’s rich business environment offers great potential for new business start-ups. To convert this potential into dynamic economic advancement, there is a clear need for researchers and business leaders with the skills to analyze the current business and economic situation, make plans for the future and drive organizational growth and development.


With the trend toward economic globalization, the rapid growth of the Internet and the increased level of environmental awareness, the framework within which economic activity takes place is changing almost daily. At TMU’s Graduate School of Management, in addition to working to maintain the high level of research required to meet society’s needs, we strive to ensure that the results of this research are reflected in both the academic and practical aspects of our Master’s and doctoral programs. To achieve our objectives, we have three Master’s programs—the Business Administration (MBA) Program, the Economics (MEc) Program and the Finance (MF) Program—and one doctoral program, which covers the same fields as the Master’s programs.