Can materials be borrowed ?

What are the procedures for borrowing and returning materials ?

Can the borrowing period be extended ?

Can journals be borrowed ?

Can copied be made ?

Do you have a particular journal I am looking for ?

What does it mean if a material listed to be in the “Marunouchi Satellite Campus Book Reading Space” ?

Can I browse journal back numbers not available on the shelves in the browsing room ?

I found a resource on OPAC, but I do not see it on the shelves

Can I look in the storeroom ?

Can materials in the faculty laboratories be used ?

Can I submit requests for photocopies or inter-library loans to other universities from here ?

How many materials do yo have ?

I would like to browse master’s and doctoral theses of students who have completed courses of Business/Economics at the university.

Can I eat and drink in the library ?

I am NOT affiliated with the university. Can I use the library ?