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Databases and Online Journals

Below are the online databases and journals frequently used for the students of the Faculty.

  • NOTE:
  • *=Access available through the all campuses or only Minami-Osawa and Marunouchi campuses (Note: How to access from off-campus, see the Central Library website)
  • **=Access available only through the faculty (library) PCs where the publisher licenses permit.


  • Especially if you are affiliated with the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Graduate School of Management, refer to the following hints.
  • ・Check the Central Library website, “EBSCO publication finder,” a comprehensive searchable database of online journals available for use at the all or a part of campuses
    of TMU.
  • ・Check “JSTOR.” 3 collections of JSTOR are available only through the Faculty (Library, including Marunouchi SC) PCs where the publisher licenses permit. You cannot find JSTOR journals at “EBSCO publication finder.” Also check “EBSCO E-book Collection,” and “Maruzen eBook Library.”

Databases of the Faculty Library

  • ★For the faculty students, the following online products are only accessible with the PCs in the Faculty Library. For the Faculty, inquire to the Faculty Library, if you have any problem to log in.
  • ・Bloomberg**
  • ・SPEEDA**
  • ・NIKKEI NEEDS Financial Quest (Corporate information)**
  • ・The Economist (online) **
  • ・Rosei Jiho online ed. (Information on personnel and labor management in Japanese), THE WALL STREET JOURNAL.(online ed.) and Financial Times (online ed.)** are offered only to “Economics and Business Admin” affiliates.
  • ★As for the online materials access available through the all campuses subscribed by mainly the Central Library of TMU (including Remote Access), see below.
  • Searching for Information – Tokyo Metropolitan University Library website